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LetsPoker is here to revolutionize the world of live poker.

Unlock the game's full potential with our cloud-based poker room management software. Increase engagement and market your events like never before with the LetsPoker app.

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"LetsPoker App Looks to Revolutionize the World of Live Poker"

LetsPoker App

First class smartphone app for poker players

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  • Poker tournaments near you

    Or bigger events further away
    Find out about upcoming poker events through the tournament calendar feature.
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  • Complete information

    For Poker Pros and Amateurs alike
    Discover up-to-date event schedules, rules, blind and prize structures, cash game tables and much more.
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  • Tournament clock on your phone

    In real time — Always in your pocket
    If you have always wanted to know exactly how much time you have left from a tournament break or how many players are left, now you can.
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  • Live updates

    Follow your friends, or let them follow you
    Real-time tournament standings and chip count updates for players at every break. See when your friend busted out of a tournament, or if they made the final table.
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  • Connect with poker clubs

    Chat in real-time with your favorite club
    Order food and drinks, sign up for waiting lists, ask about tournaments or cash games, and anything else you can think of.
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  • Free download

    Available for iOS and Android
    Download LetsPoker now and see for yourself.

LetsPoker Platform

LetsPoker Administrator - Secure Cloud-Hosted Poker Club Management Software

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  • Greatly boost player satisfaction

    Ties into the LetsPoker app
    Players can check schedules and structures in the app, and follow your events in real time.
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  • Business intelligence

    Accessible remotely with full security
    Analyze and get insights on how to optimize your club with comprehensive reporting features.
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  • Real-time collaboration

    For innovative new events
    Collaborate with other team members on last minute changes, from anywhere in the world.
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  • For both Poker Clubs and Circuits

    Everything you need is included
    The complete solution for poker clubs, poker festival organizers or cash game circuits.
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  • From big to small

    Any size of poker organizer is welcome
    The platform is designed for events ranging from 2 players to 10 000 and more.
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  • Use existing infrastructure

    No additional equipment purchase required
    Runs on any modern device: Windows, macOS, Linux, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs.
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  • Your data is protected

    Never worry about data loss again
    Your data is encrypted, secured, and continuously backed up.
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  • Significantly reduce costs

    More efficient use of resources
    Reduce operational overhead and IT maintenance costs.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Poker Club

Why choose LetsPoker for your poker events

Are you a poker festival organizer looking to impress your players at your next event?

Or are you the manager of a poker club and want to increase player satisfaction while improving your marketing in the process?

Here is why LetsPoker is exactly what you need.

LetsPoker Platform Features

Meet Our Team

LetsPoker Team

Andrei Alecu

CEO and Founder

Software Architect

Poker Enthusiast

Andrei started programming at the age of seven and at the age of 15 he started freelancing, developing software for international clients.

Andrei's first completed software package was used at Alcatel Lucent, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and several other Fortune 500 companies.

He is also a recreational poker player and entrepreneur.

LetsPoker Team

Alex Papazian


Chief Growth Officer

Professional Poker Player

Alexandru is a two time World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner – one of the most prestigious and rare accomplishments in the world of poker and is ranked #1 on the Romanian all-time money list.

Thanks to his understanding of the community, Alexandru helps improve LetsPoker for both players and organizers respectively.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Poker Club
Are you ready to get started?

We have worked closely with poker clubs over the past few years and know how important it is to find new ways to connect with players.

At LetsPoker, we firmly believe that we can increase attendance at your events while giving back to the poker players who make it all possible.

We are so confident in our offering that our subscription packages come with a 45-day money back guarantee.

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation and demo of our platform.

"LetsPoker App Looks to Revolutionize the World of Live Poker"
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